Session 3

March 28th - May 3rd

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Level 2


Level 1

Mondays 6-7:15pm 

Monday and Tuesday 5:45-7:15pm


Level 3

Monday-Wednesday 5:45-7:15pm


Level 3 is our most demanding group. We are looking for serious varsity level athletes, who are ready to train hard and take their skills to the next level. This practice group will consist of four mandatory practices per week so that we will have the time to train all aspects of an elite diver.


Level 3 includes all of levels 1 and 2 with the addition of more training time. The additional day will be used for strength training, going back to basic skills, drilling essential components that will allow the diver to score higher and finally reflect on our training plan to see what we can improve.

Level 2 is for kids who have a little bit of experience, and know the very basics such as; the forward hurdle, and back press, as well as the front and back dive.


Divers in this group are looking to accelerate their learning while also having fun. Working toward an 11 dive list consisting of all five diving categories. (Front, Back, REVERSE, Inward, and Twisters) 


During training, we will be connecting more of the diving fundamentals with higher level skills. We will then transition to expanding our diving expertise to all of the diving categories and also the 3-meter diving board.


During the session, athletes will dedicate one day each week to fronts and inwards. One day to backs and the elusive reverse category. Finally, one day exclusively training twisters. 

Level 1 is geared toward kids who have little or no background in the sport of diving. The only pre-requisites are a good attitude and the ability to swim well in deep water.


During the session, we will be learning the absolute basics, while also emphasizing fun and the diving essentials that will allow them to graduate to the next level.


During the session, athletes will learn the forward approach, back press, essential skills on the trampoline such as; jumps, drills, and positions in the air. We will then progress to more difficult skills like learning the forward dive from the side of the pool, the 1m board and finally the 3m. We will aim to conclude this session with a good base to continue on to other more difficult skills.



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