Club Mission

Fostering an atmosphere where young people can come to grow as athletes, teammates, and friends both in and out of the pool.


Meet Jeremy

Coach Sagaille began his diving career in Schenectady a decade ago. His career culminated as a diver at Union College. Coach Sagaille has taught private lessons, summer clinics, and club diving for the past 7 years. His resume also includes coaching varsity diving for 2 local high schools. In 2015, he was recruited as the Head Coach of the NCAA Division I Siena College Women's Dive Team. In 2016, he was brought on as the Head Coach of the NCAA Division III Union College Men's and Women's Dive Teams. Jeremy loves diving and is dedicated to helping people to achieve their best on and off the boards.

Notable Achievements:

  • 2014 Liberty League Diver of the year

  • 3 time NCAA Regional Qualifier

  • 2015 ECAC Coach of the meet

  • 2016 Liberty League Diving Coach of the Year

  • 2017 UNYSCA Diving Coach of the Year

What Parents have to say...

“My son has loved being a part of the Full Out Dive Club. He has improved so much in such a short period of time. He is doing dives he never thought he would be able to do and that is all thanks to Jeremy. Jeremy is just the right combination of encouraging and motivating, and also keeps practices fun. He really connects with the kids and makes them want to do better. ” 

– Janeen L.

“My daughter was hesitant to start diving because she has been doing gymnastics for over 10 years.  We found Jeremy and from the first lesson she was hooked. His coaching style is all about positive reinforcement. He is gentle but firm. Compassionate and really cares. He gives his undivided attention to the divers and even keeps in touch in-between practices. He believes in the kids that he is training and that is what makes him different from many coaches/trainers. From the first time Jeremy met my daughter he said she could dive in my daughter plans to dive in college and Jeremy is going to get her there.”

– Lisa W.

“I’m so happy that we found Jeremy and this dive club.  We were brand new to the sport, having transitioned from years of gymnastics.  Jeremy was so helpful as my daughter got started with diving. At the end of her first practice, she said “I LOVE IT! It was SO MUCH FUN!”  I’ve watched how Jeremy gives detailed feedback to the kids at practice at just the right level for them, so that they can learn and accomplish something at every practice, whether they are just starting out or have more experience.  Practices are fun and positive.  If a diver is close to achieving a new skill, Jeremy will often stay late so that the diver can accomplish the skill, because he really seems to care and is invested in the kids making progress and feeling good.  Most of all I respect Jeremy's attention to the psychological aspects of the sport, of helping kids learn to believe in themselves through diving, through hard work, and through a positive attitude, which he models every practice.  My daughter has learned so many skills and dives since she started working with Jeremy, and she is really motivated to keep improving because Jeremy is so encouraging to her." 

- Elana G.

Our Divers are...

Full Out Dive Club is for divers with a motivation and drive to push themselves out of their comfort zones. As an individual sport, divers need to hold themselves accountable for the goals they are looking to achieve. Our divers are expected to walk in the door to practice and give 100%.


But our team is just that, a team. We work together to achieve skills, and mechanics that we may have initially thought were out of the realm of possibility. Sometimes we face challenges and that’s okay. The members of the Full Out Dive Club pick each other up and get back on the board. Success is greatest when you have a team cheering you on, so we are always working together to provide the support each team member needs.


We expect that our families will also join our team. We are looking for support systems that will provide encouragement to their divers but will let them face their opposition and struggles as they come. Athletes learn more from their failures than their successes, so we view each trial as a learning opportunity.


Above all, time, energy and passion yields success for our divers.