Types of Diving Lessons & Training Offered

Club Practices

Our weekly club practices are a great place to start, hone specific skills, and get good board time with teammates. These group practices provide a great atmosphere for learning. Younger athletes learn from watching and emulating older ones, and more experienced athletes have the opportunity to mentor and guide younger athletes toward their goals. I have found that this dynamic learning environment is key to group success. The general format of these lessons is a total of 90 minutes per practice, beginning with 20-30 minutes of dryland exercises, calisthenics, and stretching, followed by 60-70 minutes of pool time. If you are planning to come please bring sneakers and athletic clothes for workouts.


Semi-Private Lessons 

If you are looking to kick it up a notch, then I would suggest scheduling a semi-private lesson. I teach these lessons generally with two athletes. I strongly believe that semi-private lessons are the best option if you are looking for a little more intensity. I recommend these lessons over private lessons for a few reasons. First, diving by yourself is not as much fun.  It can be very tiring to be the only diver for a 60+ minute lesson.  Having another athlete there to push you and struggle through with you will only bring both you and the other diver greater success. Having someone to joke with, take turns with and train with ultimately lightens the mood and generally increases productivity. The format of semi-private lessons is generally a quick discussion of what we would like to accomplish during the session followed by about 60 minutes of pool time.

Private Lessons

Finally, if you are looking for the ultimate one on one practice experience, private lessons are available! I would recommend private lessons to divers who have some experience in the sport or who have specific skills in mind that they are trying to improve.