Lifeguarding Course
May 7th-8th 2022

Turning 15 soon? Are you interested in making some money this summer? You are now eligible to take the Red Cross Lifeguarding course! 


At the conclusion of the course participants who pass the course will receive a Red Cross Certification for CPR/AED First Aid and Lifeguarding. They are two separate certifications that are valid for 1 year and 2 years respectively. 


Prior to beginning the course, there is an online learning portion of the course that gives the participants a jump start on the material that must be completed before the course begins. The course is linked below.


(Please budget your time wisely it takes about 8 hours to get through this course. Do not start it the night before!)


In addition to the online learning curriculum, there is a lifeguard manual that is supplied by the red cross that will be used during the course. If you could download this and bring it with you either printed, on a laptop, or a tablet that would be advisable for reference during the course. The document is available at the link below.


Red Cross Lifeguard Manual


CPR/AED and First Aid and Lifeguarding Certification: $500


Waterfront Certifications available upon request. (If you will be working at a lake or beach.)


Virtual Recertification:
Saturday, May 14th, 10 AM

In the State of NY, Lifeguards are required to recertify in CPR/AED and First Aid every year and recertify their lifeguarding every two years. If your certifications are going to expire soon or you need to be recertified for this summer we will be holding a refresher and then a recertification test.

The American Red Cross has recently allowed RECERTIFICATIONS to be taught virtually! Everyone will sign on at the beginning of the session. When the CPR material is complete you may sign off if the CPR + AED + First Aid are the only certifications you need. For those who need to complete the lifeguard recertification, we will continue on with the review followed by the test


In order to sign up, click the button below to RSVP. Payment can be sent by Venmo (@jeremy-sagaille). If utilizing Venmo, please write your name and what recertification you are enrolled in. Checks can be mailed. 


Certification cards will be distributed upon receiving payment and passing the exam.


The day before the class, I will send out the meeting link for those who registered. If you register and you do not receive a meeting link, please reach out to info@fulloutdiveclub.com or 518-649-6618. 


CPR/AED and First Aid Recertification: $200 

CPR/AED and First Aid and Lifeguarding Recertification: $250