Giavana Smith '21

Hi, my name is Giavana Smith, but I am better known as G or G-money! I am currently a Junior at Emma Willard School in Troy, New York. I have been diving at Full Out Dive Club for almost four years and have competed in both AAU and USA Diving meets, including Regionals. I enjoy diving here because there is a fun atmosphere to accomplish goals and a team who will help support you through the

entire process! Also, I have been on the Varsity Swimming and Diving team at my school for three years, through which I have broken my school’s record, won Division II Sectionals, qualified for States, and received a Coaches Award. I am very passionate about diving and want to continue growing in the sport by diving in College!

Last update: January 2020

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Paige Splendido '21

My name is Paige Splendido, and I am a junior at Niskayuna High School in Niskayuna, NY. Forever the team player, I switched from varsity swimming to varsity diving in August 2018. My high school team graduated all but 1 diver after my freshman year on the team. Seeing an opportunity to earn crucial points for our team, I accepted the challenge! Early on it was not without its smacks - but I loved

it! At that time I also joined the Full Out Dive Club year-round. An equal mix of my hard work, dedication, courage and my coach’s instruction allowed me to keep pushing past the next “hurdle.” There is nothing like getting to ‘ring the bell’ after nailing a new dive! I have competed in AAU meets and have just completed my 2nd year as a varsity diver – making sectionals and I was awarded Most Improved on my high school Swim and Dive team! I am looking to further my education at an institution that not only has a wonderful graphic arts and photography program but also will give me the opportunity to earn a spot on a dive team. The thought of learning both in class and in the pool as I embark on the next phase of my life really excites and drives me.

Last update: January 2020

Robyn Arnason '22

Hi! My name is Robyn Arnason, and I am currently a sophomore at Bethlehem Central High School. In 2017 I left the world of gymnastics as a Level 7 USAG competitor to start diving with the Full Out Dive Club.  My time with Full Out has been great as I have learned to be the best diver and person I can be! In the last 3 years, I have competed in multiple AAU and USAD meets, qualified for

AAU Nationals, competed on my school Varsity team, and qualified for the NYSPHSAA championships twice. While I do enjoy competing, my favorite parts of diving come from being with and supporting my team as well as constantly setting and breaking new diving goals. I hope to continue this throughout college at a school that will challenge me in both diving and my academics! 

Last update: March 2020

Maya Earleywine '22

Hi, my name is Maya Earleywine. I’ve been diving for almost four years and it has been a blast. Coming from gymnastics at age 12, I found a new home at full out. Diving has made me into a more mature, accepting, braver, and stronger person. Although competition is fun and the stakes are exciting, putting in the hard work at practice is my favorite part of diving. I take responsibility for making sure the safe environment at the pool is not compromised.

Practice is for learning, throwing new dives, perfecting existing dives, encouraging your teammates, and preparing yourself for future experiences in the real world. I am a three-time NYSPHAA championship qualifier and have also qualified for USA Zone A championships and AAU nationals. I am the current 6 dive record holder at my high school. Personal accomplishments are obviously worth mentioning but being a good teammate is what I believe is most important. I’m excited to take my diving to the collegiate level with the help of my coach, teammates, family, and friends.

Last update: January 2020

Anna Flanders '24

Hi I’m Anna Flanders I attend  Albany High School as an 10th grade student in Albany NY. I am the only diver on the Albany High School Varsity swim and dive team which I feel pushes me harder to prove my worth and succeed. I started my career when I retired from gymnastics due to injuries. With Gymnastics I developed a structured mindset that I channeled into making me a very determined, disciplined, hard worker and highly competitive student athlete. I give my best in every activity I choose to be involved with. At practice, the suggestions my coach and teammates make keep me in a positive attitude and if one person on the team is positive, we all 

are. I love forming a bond with my teammates, coaches, and swim/ dive families because it’s all one big community and without their support I wouldn’t be half the athlete I am today. Diving for Full Out Dive Club has exposed me to a whole new world of athletics that I have taken in and used to start building my platform. By platform I don’t intend on becoming famous or anything, only to spread awareness of this amazing sport and who I am. Being a person of color in a sport where I am definitely the minority (high school level mostly) has forced me to always be on top of my game and be the best because I feel as if I’m representing my whole community and their worth as well. My dream career is one where I can assist animals and people, whether it’s rehabilitating and training animals or guiding people towards a better path in life. I haven’t found a career specific enough that also could support me economically in the animal science category yet. But as for helping people I believe psychology would fit me just right.

Updated August 2021