General Diving Strategy and Etiquette

August 28, 2017


Our goal is to put up the most points possible and to have fun!

Balance between High DD and pretty dives is key.


List Progression

This is an idea of what a general list progression should look like for a diver throughout a career.

In general our goal is to go in the water hands first for better entries much easier to control splash with our hands.


-voluntary list - voluntaries are a group of 5 dives that are 9.0 dd or less when added up.Technically a full voluntary list is learning one dive from every category (front, back, reverse, inward, twister).  Maxing out voluntary DD is an easy way to gain some extra points - A lot of more experienced divers make a the mistake of not maxing out the voluntary DD to eek out a few more easy points.


-Optional list - Other dives that do not have a DD cap

-1.5 tuck list

-1.5 pike list

-2.5 tuck list

-2.5 pike list


Fronts are generally ahead of the curve, for example since fronts generally come more naturally to people. If you have a 1.5 list you will probably be doing 104b or 105c to accompany the rest of your list.


These are general rules of thumb that are well known in the diving world. They are not the only way to do it but a general idea of progressions and how to score the highest. For example if you are not very flexible you may skip right to the 2.5 lists, or if you are having trouble with outs you may do 104 instead of 105 or 204 instead of 203


List Strategy

It is important to take into account what the team needs when you are putting your list together in order to give your team the best shot at winning. Ideally it is good for you to get practice doing your optionals in a meet. However, if the diver on the other team has a season best score of 250 and your best is 260, it’s probably not a good time to be testing out new dives. The likelihood of you doing very poorly or failing a dive is probably pretty high. A lot of athletics is mitigating risk and learning to take high percentage shots.


Researching the competition is almost always a good idea, unless you know you are a really anxious person, in which case your coach or another teammate/parent should help you. There are mental aspects to diving, and if you are dealing with anxiety some mental training can help you.


Also going into every single meet you should have an idea of something that you're trying to accomplish. Maybe it's beat your personal best or maybe it's have consistent hurdles and take offs. But try to have something that you're working towards besides just winning. Generally it should be something that you and your coach have been working on during the previous week at practice or something you're trying to improve upon from the last meet.


6 Dive lists (High School Varsity NY)

Every week is a new category

1st dive must be under 1.8 DD (vol)

Dive DD can exceed 1.8 but it will be capped at 1.8

ex 104c is 2.2 if done as first dive it would be 1.8 DD

The final 5 dives must cover 4 of the 5 dive categories and there is no limit to DD

The first dive does not count toward one of the categories


For divers that have full 11 dive lists, I recommend competing your optionals as much as possible! Your first dive should be your vol and all of your other 5 should be optionals. The more you compete them, the more likely you will do them well under pressure when it really matters at the end of the season.


If you do have a full optional list, this makes your life easier during the season as well because your list pretty much stays the same theoretically, and the only dive that should be changing is the first one. If you don’t have a full optional list you should be competing the voluntary or the optional prep for the category.


You should always have the end and the end goal in mind which is to go as far into the postseason as possible. Sectionals -> States -> and then placing in the top 16, top 8 etc. By using the dual meets earlier in the season you will set yourself up in the best position physically and mentally to do this.


11 Dive Lists (High School Varsity NY)

These lists in high school are really complicated but here is the low down.